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Providing Comprehensive Mortgage and Lending Compliance and Consulting Services.

Harbor Compliance Group provides a host of compliance services and consulting for clients engaged in the mortgage, lending, and insurance industries. Our team not only has considerable experience in every faucet of the mortgage and lending landscape, our team will research and consider both federal and state regulatory requirements, and tailor a plan to assist in meeting your specific and custom need with full consideration to each and every regulatory burden at issue. We will then provide hands on training and instruction on current and future requirements. This includes providing assistance on a breadth of topic sand engagement levels, including a minimal and singular task such as an opinion letters, to staffing and hiring practices and options, as well as creating, implementing and managing a robust auditing plan and procedure via automated integration solutions, and anything in between.



Companies in heavily regulated industries such as mortgages and lending are consistently faced with restrictive and tightening controls on each aspect of their business from items seemingly as trivial as a simple social media post. Yet, the consequences of a simple and unintentional misstep can result in not simply an unsatisfactory review, but potentially significant state or federal penalties and fines. Harbor will assist to navigate each potential hazardous situation, by providing industry guidance that blends legal, lending, mortgage and industry experience. Harbor’s compliance staff utilizes a customized and individual approach to each instance, with our consultants scrutinize and evaluate each organization's unique situation to provide the most accurate and effective information.

Regulatory Compliance Issues We Solve

  • Mortgage, lending, insurance, and operational regulatory compliance audit and monitoring services
  • Development of regulatory review and compliance checklists
  • Engagement and oversight over compliance protocols and policies
  • Mortgage regulatory compliance services and risk assessments
  • Compliance management system development and/or evaluation
  • Compliance officer training
  • Anti-money laundering testing and auditing
  • Customized institutional practice compliance training
  • Staffing and Hiring assistance
  • Immigration regulatory assistance and training
  • Opinion Letter/Retainer/research engagements

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